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We have isolated and characterized two recombinant lambda phages containing sequences homologous to 7SK RNA which code for a RNA 330 nucleotides long in an "in vitro" transcription system. S1 mapping of the transcript shows that this RNA corresponds to the 7SK RNA obtained from human cells, indicating that the two recombinant phages contain genes coding for 7SK RNA. The transcription of these genes is polymerase III dependent. Sequences upstream from the start of transcription are essential for "in vitro" synthesis of 7SK RNA, suggesting that internal promoter elements, if present, are not sufficient to support the synthesis of 7SK RNA. A region of homology with the upstream sequences of the genes for U6 RNA, 7SL RNA and Bombyx mori alanine tRNA is found within 50 bp from the transcription start point. Within the homologous region a motif common to the four genes is a "TATA"-like box, placed at position -30 to -25 of the 7SK RNA gene, which is typical of the polymerase II promoter region.

Original publication




Journal article


Nucleic Acids Res

Publication Date





9243 - 9260


Base Sequence, DNA, Recombinant, Humans, Nucleic Acid Hybridization, Promoter Regions, Genetic, RNA Polymerase III, Repetitive Sequences, Nucleic Acid, Ribonucleoproteins, Ribonucleoproteins, Small Nuclear, Sequence Homology, Nucleic Acid, Transcription, Genetic