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An ITO-free transparent hybrid electrode based on an embedded high resolution current collecting silver grid (Ag-grid) in combination with solution processed high conductive PEDOT:PSS (PH1000) has been demonstrated for applications in organic photovoltaic cells. The high resolution embedded Ag-grid lends low shadow loss and gives rise to current collecting layers with good electrical conductivity. Sheet resistance of the hybrid electrode combining the high-resolution Ag-grid and the PH1000 reaches several Ohms per square. Solution-processed large area flexible polymer bulk-heterojunction (BHJ) photovoltaic cells are prepared from the Ag-grid/PH1000 hybrid electrode with a configuration of hybrid electrode/PEDOT:PSS-4083/P3HT:PCBB-C8/LiF/Al. A self-assembling fullerene derivative (PCBB-C8) is chosen as the acceptor, which induces the P3HT to form ordered active layer and hence avoids the annealing process on flexible PET substrates. Power conversion efficiency (PCE) of the resulting devices reaches 1.36%. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.

Original publication




Journal article


Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells

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85 - 89