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© 2016, Science Press. All right reserved. Printed top-gate carbon nanotube thin-film transistors (TFTs) and inverters were achieved on flexible substrates. Large-scale gold electrode arrays were constructed on PET substrates using nano-imprinting in combination with the brush electroplating technique. PF8DPP-soretd sc-SWCNTs, BaTiO3 and printed silver electrodes were acted as the channel materials, the dielectric layer and the top gates, respectively. Printed top-gate TFTs exhibited good performance with mobility up to 6 cm2·V-1·s-1, on/off ratio of 104 and free hysteresis. Furthermore, the voltage gain of the inverter can reach 12 at Vdd of 8V.

Original publication




Journal article


Yingxiang Kexue yu Guanghuaxue/Imaging Science and Photochemistry

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136 - 143