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Nanofabrication: Principles, Capabilities and Limits presents a one-stop description at the introductory level on most technologies that have been developed which are capable of making structures below 100nm. Principles of each technology are introduced and illustrated with minimum mathematics involved. The capabilities of each technology in making sub-100nm structures are described. The limits of preventing a technology from further going down the dimensional scale are analyzed. Drawing upon years of practical experience and using numerous examples, Zheng Cui covers state-of-the art technologies in nanofabrication including: •Photon-based lithography •Charged particle beams lithography •Nanofabrication using scanning probes •Nanoscale replication •Nanoscale pattern transfer •Indirect nanofabrication •Nanofabrication by self-assembly. Nanofabrication: Principles, Capabilities and Limits will serve as a practical guide and first-hand reference for researchers and practitioners working in nanostructure fabrication and also provides a "tool box" of various techniques that can be easily adapted in different fields of applications. Written for: Nanoscience and nanotechnology researchers and engineers, technical professionals and academic researchers in the fields of electrtonics, mechanical engineering, and chemical engineering. © 2008 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC. All rights reserved.

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