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Adenovirus cores prepared by gentle disruption of virus by heating at 56 degrees C in the presence of deoxycholate were able to function as templates in an in vitro DNA replication system, allowing both initiation, indicated by the formation of terminal protein-dCMP complex, and elongation of > 300 nucleotides. Using both cores and DNA-protein complexes as templates, it was also demonstrated that novobiocin, an inhibitor of DNA gyrase, inhibited in vitro DNA replication by preventing formation of the initiation complex.


Journal article



Publication Date





339 - 344


Adenoviruses, Human, DNA Replication, DNA, Viral, Deoxycytidine Monophosphate, Enzyme Inhibitors, HeLa Cells, Humans, Novobiocin, Phosphoproteins, Protein Precursors, Templates, Genetic, Topoisomerase II Inhibitors, Viral Core Proteins, Viral Proteins