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This paper discusses the purification of lysozyme from chicken egg white using hollow-fibre ultrafiltration (30kDa MWCO, polysulphone membrane). Lysozyme is preferentially transmitted through the membrane while the membrane largely retains other egg white proteins. Improvement in system hydrodynamics resulted in an increase in permeate flux while lysozyme transmission remained unaffected, leading to higher productivity. The percentage purity of lysozyme obtained was generally insensitive to system hydrodynamics. The permeate flux and productivity increased with increase in transmembrane pressure (TMP) before levelling off around 0.7bar. However, the TMP did not have any pronounced effect on the transmission and the purity of lysozyme. Experiments carried out in the diafiltration mode showed that moderately pure lysozyme (80-90%) could be obtained in an extended operation.

Original publication




Journal article


Biochem Eng J

Publication Date





19 - 24