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Subplate neurons have an essential role in cortical circuit formation. They are among the earliest formed neurons of the cerebral cortex, are located at the junction of white and grey matter, and are necessary for correct thalamocortical axon ingrowth. Recent transcriptomic studies have provided opportunities for monitoring and modulating selected subpopulations of these cells. Analyses of mouse lines expressing reporter genes have demonstrated novel, extracortical subplate neurogenesis and have shown how subplate cells are integrated under the influence of sensory activity into cortical and extracortical circuits. Recent studies have revealed that the subplate is involved in neurosecretion and modification of the extracellular milieu.

Original publication




Journal article


Nat Rev Neurosci

Publication Date





133 - 146


Animals, Biological Evolution, Dendrites, Humans, Neocortex, Nerve Net, Neurons