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Somatic cell hybrids between D98/AH-2 and fibroblasts or peripheral blood lymphocytes were analysed for the expression of HL-A antigens. The hybrids express the antigens of the donor lymphocytes or fibroblasts as well as other HL-A specificities from D98/AH-2, a HeLa derivative on which no HL-A could be detected by direct cytotoxicity. Segregant hybrid clones could be used to determine HL-A haplotypes and define the linkage relationships between these haplotypes and the PGM3 alleles expressed in the hybrids. An analysis of the HL-A antigens on D98/AH-2 and other HeLa derivates was done using absorption and a modified cytotoxicity assay.

Original publication




Journal article


Tissue Antigens

Publication Date





80 - 92


Alleles, Cell Line, Clone Cells, Epitopes, Fibroblasts, Genetic Linkage, HLA Antigens, Haploidy, Histocompatibility Antigens, Humans, Hybrid Cells, Lymphocytes