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Purpose: Large scale expansion of rat's osteoblasts in rotating wall vessel (RWV) bioreactor was studied. Methods: Expand osteoblasts in large scale in RWV by using microcarrier in suspension culture. After evaluated histomorphology and biological functions, the expanded cells were seeded in the scaffolds and cultivated in the bioreactor. Results: Osteoblasts cultivated in the bioreactor in three dimensions were expanded more than ten times in one generation. The expanded cells performed well in major functions examined by inverted microscope in phase contrast observation, scanning electron microscope (SEM), alkaline phosphatase (ALP) test and MTT test. Conclusion: This novel RWV bioreactor provided the culture environment with relatively low shear force and good communication among cells in three-dimension, therefore osteoblasts showed a strong ability to be expanded in vitro. The RWV bioreactor showed great potential of being taken as an ideal three-dimensional culture system for osteoblasts to be expanded in vitro.


Journal article


Chinese Journal of Biomedical Engineering

Publication Date





134 - 139