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This study aims to improve the survival rate of the cryopreserved neural stem cell (NSC) spheres with different diameters by slow freezing with different DMSO concentrations. After measuring the growth curve by CCK-8 kit, three sorts of NSCs states in log phase (single cell suspension, NSC spheres with diameters of 30 - 50 μm and 80 - 100 μm) were respectively cryopreserved by seven concentrations of DMSO (3%, 5%, 7%, 8%, 10%, 15% and 20%) with the freezing rate of 1°C/min. Then the post-thaw NSCs were tested for the survival rate and the differentiation ability. The best result was that NSC sphere with diameters of 80 - 100 μm and DMSO concentration of 8% achieved the survival rate of 82.89% while remaining the multi-differentiation potentiality. The subtle cooperation of NSCs and sphere diameters affect the survival rate together.


Journal article


Chinese Journal of Biomedical Engineering

Publication Date





910 - 915