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Stroke is the second leading cause globally that leads to severe disability and death. Stem cell therapy has been developed over the recent years to treat stroke and diminish the mortality and disability rate of brain injuries. Acupuncture, which can activate endogenous recovery via physical stimuli, has been applied to enhance the recovery and rehabilitation of stroke patients. Attempts have been made to combine stem cell therapy and acupuncture to treat stroke patients and have shown the promising results. This prospective review will look into the possible mechanisms of stem cell therapy and acupuncture and intend to undercover the potential benefit of the combined therapy. It intends to bridge the modern emerging stem cell therapy and traditional acupuncture at cellular and molecular levels and to demonstrate the potential benefit to improve clinical outcomes.

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Journal article


Stem Cell Res Ther

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Acupuncture, Combination therapy, Ischemic stroke, Stem cell therapy (cytotherapy), Acupuncture Therapy, Brain Ischemia, Humans, Ischemic Stroke, Prospective Studies, Stem Cell Transplantation, Stroke, Stroke Rehabilitation, Treatment Outcome