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Treatment of [Ru(η-C5H5)(PPh3)2Cl] with sulphur under carbon monoxide at 1-3 atm in hot toluene gives quantitative yields of [Ru(η-C5H5)(PPh3)(CO)Cl], which can be further treated in warm methanol with CO, PMe3, and P(OPh)3 to give the cations [Ru(ηC5H5)(PPh3)(CO)2] +, [Ru(η-C5H5)(PPh3)(PMe 3)(CO)]+, and [Ru(η-C5H5)(PPh3){P(OPh) 3}(CO)]+ respectively.

Original publication




Journal article


Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions

Publication Date



993 - 994