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The synthesis of α-vinyl-β-hydroxyesters and α-ethylidene-β-hydroxyesters (β-substituted Baylis-Hillman products) via the dienolate aldol reaction of (E)-N-crotonoyl C(4)-isopropyl SuperQuat is described. High levels of syn-diastereoselectivity (up to >98% de) are observed for the dienolate aldol reaction with boron enolates, generated either directly with Bu2BOTf or by transmetalation of the potassium enolate with B-bromocatecholborane. Cleavage of the resultant syn-aldol products from the auxiliary gives α-vinyl-β-hydroxyesters in >98% de and >98% ee. Subsequent isomerisation of the double bond into conjugation provides α-ethylidene-β-hydroxyesters (β-substituted Baylis-Hillman products) in high diastereo- and enantiopurity (≥91:9 [(E):(Z)] and >98% ee). © 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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7837 - 7851