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© The Royal Society of Chemistry. Photochromic fibers have attracted great attention due to their wide use in areas of military camouflage, safety warnings, anti-counterfeiting, entertainment, etc. Compared with photochromic organic materials, inorganic photochromic tungsten trioxide (WO3) materials have been extensively studied, because of their good stability and cost efficiency. In this work, we report the continuous fabrication of photochromic fibers in a simple and low-cost way by dip-coating WO3/PVA composites. The prepared photochromic fibers show fast and reversible color switch from light yellow to dark blue upon UV irradiation and infrared heating treatment. The obtained photochromic fibers can be produced on a large scale and be woven into various patterns with good mechanical strength and washability, showing great potential in developing photochromic textiles.

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Journal article


RSC Advances

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28581 - 28587