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Ocford stem cell symposium 2022

Cancer Stem Cells • Reprogramming • Tissue Engineering • Organoids • Regenerative Medicine


OSCI Symposium is an international event, unifying scientists and clinicians working in stem cells research in various fields of translational medicine. The theme of the event is "Stem Cells: From Mechanism to Therapy"


Chris Toepfer, Oxford
Kim Jensen, Copenhagen
Nicola Smart, Oxford
Silvia Santos, London
Colin Goding, Oxford
Chris Marine, Leuven
Noel Buckley, Oxford
Srinjan Basu, Cambridge
Rocio Sancho, London

Co-convenors: Francesco Boccellato and Colin Goding




Tuesday 15th November, Oxford Martin School, 34 Broad St, Oxford OX1 3BD


9.55 Welcome - Colin Goding

10.00 Angela Russell - Chemistry for regenerative medicine: discovery of small molecules to manipulate cell fate in vivo. Chair: Silvia Santos

10.30 Francesco Boccellato - Stem cell driven models to understand epithelial response to infection and cancer initiation. Chair: Silvia Santos

11.00 BREAK

11.30 Kim Jensen - Intestinal Epithelial Stem Cells in Tissue Regeneration and Cancer. Chair: Nicola Smart

12.00 KEYNOTE - Pete Coffey The London Project to Cure Blindness at 10 years - have we found a cure? Chair: Nicola Smart
12.55 Sponsor's talk: Ruchi Sharma - iPS-derived liver cells for drug discovery. Chair: Nicola Smart

13.00 LUNCH

14.30 Richard White - Modelling melanoma - from fish to iPS cells. Chair: Kim Jensen

15.00 Chris Marine - Dissecting melanoma evolution one cell at a time. 
Chair: Kim Jensen

15.30 Ahmed Ahmed - Non genetic heterogeneity drives resistance in ovarian cancer minimal residual disease. Chair: Kim Jensen

16.00 BREAK

16.30 Silvia Santos Our first choices: decoding cellular signals during cellular differentiation. Chair: Chris Toepfer

17.00 Srinjan Basu - Towards a single-molecule perspective of lineage specification in the early mammalian embryo. Chair: Chris Toepfer

17.30 Xin Lu - Modelling and detecting cellular plasticity with SAM (Shape, Appearance, and Motion). Chair: Chris Toepfer

18.00 END

19.00 SPEAKERS' DINNER No. 1 Ship Street


 Wednesday 16th November, Oxford Martin School, 34 Broad St, Oxford OX1 3BD


9.55 Welcome - Francesco Boccellato

10.00 Luana Soares Building the human cerebral cortex with collagen scaffolds and 3D printing. Chair: Francis Szele

10.30 Noel Buckley - Using Deep Learning to Distinguish Neurodegenerative Cellular Phenotypes. Chair: Francis Szele

11.00 BREAK

11.30 Maria Llorens-Martin - Human adult hippocampal neurogenesis during physiological and pathological aging. Chair: Francesco Boccellato

12.00 KEYNOTE: Robin Franklin The regenerative biology of adult CNS progenitors - reversing the ravages of time Chair: Francesco Boccellato

12.50 Sponsor's talk: Frankie Vanterpool - Stem Cell Solutions: A Sartorius Approach Chair: Francesco Boccellato

13.00 LUNCH

14.30 Anjali Kusumbe - Vascular control of stem cell and tissue ageing.
Chair: Paul Riley

15.00 Chris Toepfer Using iPSC-CMs to model hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). Chair: Paul Riley

15.30 Nicola Smart - Cardiac regeneration: insights from the developing embryo. Chair: Paul Riley

16.00 BREAK

16.30 Rocio Sancho - Pancreas cell fate decisions: new organoid models. Chair: Anjali Kasumbe

17.00 Eric O'Neill - Sox, Drugs, & Rac and Rho. How contractility drives stemness in cancer. Chair: Anjali Kasumbe

17.30 Yohei Hayashi - Next-generation reprogramming strategies towards pluripotency. Chair: Anjali Kasumbe

18.00 Closing remarks & END OF SYMPOSIUM

Oxford stem cell symposium 2022 sponsors